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Student & Parent Info - Tag Day & Music Cookout - Sept 10

  • Tag Day is a fundraiser for ALL Fauquier Music: Choir, Orchestra, & Band students. We need a minimum of 18 Parents as well.

  • Information will be coming through Remind with specifics and SignUp Genius links over the weekend of September 2-4, for both Tag Day and the Annual Music Cookout. See below for an answer to "What is Tag Day?"

  • We need ALL Students to help.

  • Students & Parents should arrive at 9:00 am, wearing FHS colors and gear.

  • Tag Day should end around 12 pm.

  • At the end of Tag Day, we will hold the Annual Fauquier Music Cookout for all Fauquier Music Families.

  • Make sure to join the Fauquier Music - Everyone Remind Communications Group to receive all the information if you do not receive it by September 4, email!

  • What is "Tag Day?" You know the same ole' fundraiser where you sell stuff that is overpriced, no one wants it, and you make $2 after selling a can of peanuts for $18? In fact, how many times has someone just said they'd instead make a donation?!?! That's Tag Day.

  • All 3 high schools are holding Tag Day at the same time. We go to Fauquier neighborhoods and knock on doors asking for donations. If no one answers, or they want to donate later, we leave a door "tag." Hence the name of the event.

  • Is it safe? Yes. Small groups of students are escorted by approved Music Parent Volunteers. In advance, each group is given a set number of streets to canvas, and state police registries have been checked so parent volunteers know which houses to avoid. We don't just randomly go to homes and knock.

  • If you know of someone or a business who may donate, please ask them and/or send them to

  • Again, join the Remind Communications groups (information is available from the directors) and receive the information and SignUp Genius links over the weekend.

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